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I am a native Japanese speaker who is living in London and working as an English-Japanese translator/Japanese contents writer.

My services:
-Professional translation from English to Japanese
-Japanese proofreading
-Japanese contents writing
Specialized in art, history, culture, and lifestyle.



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More details about my service are below.

Brief history

1988: Born in Tokyo

2011: Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan (Bachelor of Fine Art), where I studied histories of Japanese art, Western art, and aesthetics.
Started working as an art magazine editor in a publishing company in Japan.

2014: Started a self-employed career and moved to London.

About my services

-Professional translation (English to Japanese)

Quality translation means much more than translating words from language to another language, it should have a flow and include adaptation to local culture and manners to attract people in the targeted language.

My translation work is to make the most natural translation for Japanese readers and to make it suitable for Japanese culture/society.
I am also happy to be flexible about clients requirements such as a literal translation, a free translation or creative, or the mixture of those.

I generally do translation only from English into Japanese (my native language) in order to keep the professional quality of the work. I don’t do the other way around unless it is the casual and simple one like Email or documents for private or internal use.

-Japanese proofreading
I have proofread various Japanese texts including website articles, blog posts and books. 
For translated texts, I can compare it with the original English and make sure that translation doesn’t have any error in grammar, use of words, generic writing rules (or specific rules a client provides) as well as that it has proper manner, tone and expression that are suitable for Japanese culture and the purpose of the text.

-Japanese contents writing
I have a lot of experience in Japanese contents writing for interviews, event reviews, news articles, and blog posts. I can provide creative and informative articles based on the legitimate resource.
I can also help you with research to find resource or information in Japanese.

Deliverable format: Word, Excel, WordPress, PO file, Online tools (Google doc, spreadsheet etc,)

Based on my background, my expertise field is art history and general fine art topics with comprehensive knowledge of Japanese traditional art and Western classic art history.
I also have plenty of experience on other topics such as culture and lifestyle.

I am always punctual to deadlines and enthusiastic about my jobs. I will provide high-quality work and meet your needs flexibly.

Past works (translation EN-JP and/or JP proofreading)

– SONY music event ‘Lost In Music’ website and video subtitles EN JP

– Interviews with professors/company representatives for London branch of Nikkei Business (the biggest economic magazine in Japan) example

– Femtech event review article for Japanese web magazine about women’s healthcare

– Books about ancient Egyptian culture website

– TripAdvisor contents

-Website articles for Peak Scientific

– Other personal/commercial websites (general contents, culture, user manuals, etc.)


You can also see my work of Japanese contents writing for websites and magazines here.

Having been working with many clients in the long term.

Looking forward to working with you!